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Purpose Statement

This blog is my attempt to give a pinhole glimpse into the Eternal, at least as much as I’ve been shown, in hopes that in sharing my own pinhole glimpse, it can be added to your’s and perhaps, in the sharing, we can both see God more clearly.  My hope is that everyone who reads my musings will leave feeling as though they have seen the etches of God’s smile, and felt the warmth of His affection for His people.

We are all bestowed with gifts meant to be shared with others.  Words are my gift.  To fortify the Church and evangelize the world.  To increase our awe.  To breathe hope into desperate places.  To remind us all that we are only given two promised moments, now and eternity, and we ought not waste either by giving too much attention to the moments we haven’t been given.   I write to invoke joy in the Invisible!

May we both, you and I, experience these words with the aroma of Christ’s majesty and tenderness wafting it’s way through our minds and hearts.


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