About Me

I am a simple wife, mama, soap-maker and Jesus-lover, living deep in the Appalachian hills of Southeastern Ohio. I love community and solitude, reading and writing, making art and traveling (in fact, I met my husband traveling the country over 20 years ago). I am a collector of rocking chairs, whimsical tiaras, golden memories, sacred moments, and well-worn Bibles. I love a gentle breeze and bark on trees, and the way a good sunset can take your breath away if you let it.

And I love my family! They are my most-favorite people in the world. I picked up this incredibly adorable hitch-hiker back in 1997, when we were both just 18 year old kids. And to this day, he is my best friend on earth! We also have 3 unbelievably amazing and loving sons, and can’t even believe how blessed we are to be able to call these young men our own!

But most of all I am head-over-heels for Jesus! I am passionate about living my one life well, so that others will see how blazing-glorious He is, and how He makes majesty out of mayhem, transforms our brokenness into gorgeous mosaics, and how lavishly He loves. And I am passionate about polishing His Image in everyone I meet, so that when they look in the mirror, they can see the natural, intrinsic worth bestowed on them by their Maker.

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. you and Smiles are great friends, rare and far between. I can hardly believe you don’t see all the courage in you and you are intelligent and should never worry about anything. Smiles will never leave you either. You two have it all. You’ve been together since Oregon, and i see you and Smiles growing to one of those blessed at 90 some years each, you are two people that make me trust Love, and lifelong love. You are so Blessed. I love your Family ❤ -Dustin


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