Purpose Statement

This blog is my silly attempt to give a pinhole glimpse into the Eternal, at least as much as I’ve been shown, in hopes that in sharing my own pinhole glimpse, it can be added to yours and we can both see God more fully.

I only have my own story to share, but I have been woven into the magnificent story that God has written since the beginning and continues to unfold and show me glimpses of… and I am blessed, ever so blessed, by it!

I hope to encourage others on their journey into the Great Country where the children of the Immortal King hold citizenship. This journey is not always easy, but it does become easier as we hold one another’s hands and walk together, encouraging one another, reminding each other.

I hope that the Lord will find pleasure in these musings, and do far more abundantly than I could ever ask or think, with these simple words of a simple woman.

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