Hindsight is always 2020

Driving down the road, as 2020 was about to make way for the New Year, I began to pray about the ways my vision had been clarified in 2020, because this may have been a hard year, but resistance can be good for the soul. It occurred to me that hindsight is always 20/20. I guess we often don’t know the lessons until we’ve made our passage through the journey.

So I set my sights, once again, to know what exactly this year had taught me, in the deepest regions of my soul. I realized that, if there was to be one theme of this past year, for me personally, it would be a year where my grip on this world loosened, and my groping for the Eternal increased. I guess I know Jesus more intimately on the other side. And what fortune! To know Jesus better! Who could wish for a greater gift!?!

I sunk a little deeper into the seat, and into the everlasting arms of the Most High.

I would not wish for the struggle and hardship that 2020 afforded us, ever again. Yet, somehow, when I reflect on our suffering, I also wouldn’t wish it any other way. The entire world (or at least the Western Hemisphere) seemed to learn a little about stillness, our own mortality, and a whole host of other things we could wish to have learned through abundance, rather than strife. Yet, we are humans with a natural inclination towards learning the hard way.

So, here I sit, welcoming in the fresh breath of the new year, and praising the God of heaven and earth that His abundance is not limited by our easiness. And His glory will not be overshadowed by the clouds.

Space 1/1/21

Author: Space Welch

I love Jesus, my family, humanity, words, sunsets, children's laughter, hikes through the woods, tree bark, breeze kissing the skin, and the feel of loamy soil between my toes, among other things.

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