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I stood on the outside of my soap table, crying out for God’s mercy with a friend, who had come to my booth for refuge from the turmoil in her soul.  She, among many others, had just witnessed the unmistakable sound of a massive car accident just outside the Paw Paw Music Festival.  Someone described it as “the sound of a semi rolling over a car.”  Many of you were there, and heard the squealing tires of a giant tow truck, smacking into the row of cars with passengers anticipant for the jubilance of a festival we waited all year for.

I would soon find out that a family very dear to me had just rounded the corner when the pile-up occurred just behind them.  And I would later discover that a very precious friend was one of the two who was life-flighted to Columbus.

I recall crying out for two things, as soon as the wreck occurred.  I begged for the lives of all involved, and I begged that God would bring His glory into our midst through it and we would praise Him for it.  So far, I have seen the first beggar’s prayer answered favorably.  He spared everyone’s life!  Everyone who witnessed the wreck said no one should have survived it.  Yet, everyone in the three or four car pile-up was stabilized within a few hours.  Miraculous!

But it would be a shame for us to move on too quickly.  The second part of this prayer belongs to us.  This is God’s glory in our midst.  His grace and mercy.  Each of our lives hang in the precipice, every moment of every day.  The only thing that keeps us breathing is the mercy of God.  May we lift our eyes, as a community, and give Him the thanks and praise due Him for His great kindness in sparing everyone’s life.  And may we remember His kindness, day by day, as He continues to preserve our’s.

We are a myopic people.  We are so easily preoccupied with lesser things, with circumstances, appointments, eating, drinking, sleeping, etc.  And we often miss the majesty of God in our midst.  Even a major occurrence such as this can easily be dismissed as chance, if we have not understood grace or had our minds and hearts tuned to it.

I know I often annoy my unbelieving friends with my frequent exhales of affection for the Lord.  But it is though I am looking at a magnificent treasure box, and wish for no one to miss the splendor!  Don’t miss this, folks.  The outcome of this accident is absolutely miraculous and we are amiss if we are only slightly grateful, and not truly full of praise to the One who spared our friends’ lives, and even our community from palpable grief.

Space 9/21/22

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