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There are times in life where I do things in my own strength and exhaust myself and harm others.  And there are other times where God simply does things through me, and I know it because I am full of blissful contentment, having spent myself fully, but in the strength of one Whose power is endless.

This week has been a week of fulfillment.  My house is a wreck, my kids have tolerated more time without their mom than with her (which is thankfully uncommon around here) and my soul is satisfied.

Sometimes God empties us of ourselves.  Sometimes He fills us with Himself.  And we look back with surprise at how it’s changed the world around us and how we can be so exhausted and refreshed all at the same time.

I hope to spend more time being emptied by Him, rather than full of myself.  I hope that when He blesses folks around me and through me, that I don’t vainly try to take credit for it.  Because I also know what it’s like when I try in my own strength to bless others… and ultimately it doesn’t really work… because people are never blessed by other people so much as they are blessed by God Himself.  And so often, when I’m trying to do stuff on my own, I make more mess than anything else.

But today I am grateful, because I know a good God, who loves His creation, His Image-bearers… and sometimes He allows us to take part in all of that.

Space   6/29/15

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