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18_dsc3853Like Moses before a burning bush, I hear the words, “Take your shoes off.  This is holy ground.”  And it is.  This ground has born the sandals of One who lives eternally, enthroned in glory, surrounded by angels proclaiming His praises, day and night, forever and ever.  And yet, He, King of kings, has put his feet in our soil.  He has made His presence dwell among us.

And this season, we celebrate that.  We remember the sacredness of a humble King, who chose a life of poverty and suffering, so that the lowliest of men could relate to Him, who chose to be born in a manger so that shepherds would not feel too dirty and unworthy to approach the simple stall in worship and awe.  He chose a life of pain and triumph, so that we could know joy in suffering and holiness in humanity.

We adore Him, because He loved us first. The whole entire world, seen and unseen, hinges on this precious Being, born of a virgin, worshiped by angels and sinners.  A life given to woo a bride.  A lofty  King, who created the whole world, whose nations are in subjection to His sovereign power, chose to live as an impoverished child, born into scandal and scorn, and live among the lost and lowly.  All to prove His love.  For His worth did not need proving… just noticed.

Holy Jesus, happy birthday!  May this be the merriest Christmas of all!  I love You more than anything else!

Space 12.24.15

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