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I just spent a phenomenal weekend with some dear sisters in the Lord, many of whom I’ve never met (even now… there were over a hundred of us!).  We gathered at a local church building and watched the livestreaming of a women’s conference that just happened in Austin, TX (and may still be happening), and is being shown all over the world.

I think the theme of what I am meditating on from this incredibly encouraging weekend is this: If we find our identity in Christ alone, it produces humility.

I think there are countless manifestations of how we do the opposite of this.

When we compete with each other, and think we aren’t enough, we are being proud.  The world would be so boring if we all had the same gifts, talents and strengths, or even the same life story.  God created you, child, in His Image… not one another’s image.

When we worry about whether or not God approves us, after He’s already shown us His victory over our sin at the Cross, we say God’s not enough, His sacrifice is not enough.  We put the weight of our salvation on our own shoulders.  And we are proud for thinking we can handle that weight.

When we think that we ought to be in the spotlight, instead of Jesus, or when we want people to notice us and tell us how beautiful and wonderful and loving we are, we are proud.  This is the form of pride that I struggle with the most.

God, how I want to honor You!  How I want to show the world that the only thing good in me is You… and that You are worth it all!  Everything I could ever give up or surrender is absolute nothing compared to the surpassing worth of knowing You and being known by You.

Space 2/6/16


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