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I’ve always been a writer.

I sort-of think writing saved my life, in high school, when I couldn’t bear to live, so I escaped into my own imaginary world of written word, where I could delve into my own adventures, even though I was literally on house arrest.

When I was a kid, my mom fostered it.  She never discouraged me from my voracious reading and writing.  Thanks Mom!

But now I find that this gift of writing rides on a precipice between wanting to be heard and validated vs. wanting to bless and encourage others through the use of this thing that I love and this way that I was invented.

I also find that writing is lending for misunderstanding, and as I consider the prospects of my words reaching further and further audiences, I also consider the possibility that many of those who read it will misconstrue words and believe my heart to be in a different place than it actually is.  Or perhaps ugliness that I am ignorant of will be exposed on such a vulnerable forum.

And this is not some nonsensical fear, because this actually does happen.  I have been misunderstood more than once (as I’m sure many of you have).  Thank you, Facebook.

But the point in all that I’m saying is that whatever our gifts are, we can use them for self-exaltation, or we can use them to love God and neighbor.  We can also cease using our gifts and talents out of fear or bad experience, which is just as criminal as using them with wrong motives.

But life is about trudging courageously on, sometimes taking the hard road.  So I continue to write… and hope that it touches hearts where they need it… and hope that it brings glory to the One I love most!

Whatever your gift, it is a way you were created.  It is nothing to be arrogant about, and there is nothing in another that you ought to envy, for each of us was uniquely, intentionally created exactly like the Creator desired, and for His perfect purposes.  Use it.  But don’t use it for selfish means, or it will be wasted.  This too falls under the command to “love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself”.  So, by all means, use that talent to bless.  And find satisfaction in knowing that you were a blessing.

And if you feel as though your gift is too raw and rugged and unrefined, how will it become a well-worn friend if you allow fear and insecurity to haunt you and prevent you from learning how to use it?

That’s all I have to say.  I hope it encourages you to live in the fullness of your potential.

Space 7/14/16

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