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I don’t post a lot of visions or dreams publicly. Partially, because I don’t want to promote the idea that you can neglect your Bible and God will still speak to you (if you aren’t grounded in the Word and are having dreams and visions, it’s very possible that you are deceived, because you have no pillar of truth to hold them up against). Partially, because He doesn’t speak to everyone this way and I don’t want to give anyone the idea that I am a super-Christian because He has revealed Himself to me through them. And partially because plenty of Christians look at you skeptically if you say you have dreams and visions, because of reason #1 and reason #2. Still, I think it’s possibly time to begin posting some of them. I have had an onslaught of them in the past 5 years, mostly in 2015 when I was dealing with debilitating depression and suicidal temptations. God stayed near and reminded me of His nearness by giving me visions of glory and spiritual battle (which is victorious to the one who hopes in Christ!). And many of them have come during this pandemic. But I want to tell you of one that came in 2015. I actually had 2 visions that were very similar, one on Aug. 16th, 2015 and one on September 20th. I actually only remember one of these visions, but as I read my old journals, I can’t tell which one it was because I documented what sound like identical visions. In my vision, I was in the heavenlies, dancing around a throne. It was a sea of brilliant white. I don’t mean skin color. I mean what we were wearing. I didn’t notice any skin color, only that we were perfectly spotless and impeccable pure! We were all dancing in absolute celebration and perfect unity. It was crowded, but no one felt crowded. We were all a part of one another, dancing in synchrony. Whenever my body swayed a certain way or my arm moved, it was in perfect rhythm and synchrony with everyone else in the room. And when my body touched the people nearest to me (and it was always touching someone or someones, to the right, left, behind or in front, because of how close we were), our bodies merged into one, seamlessly, because that’s how we are created to be, One Church, One Body, One Bride! 1,000 years later, with immense joy, we were all still doing the same thing… with perfect rhythm, in perfect unity, with fullness of joy! I think the Church might need this reminder right now. In John 14-17, Jesus gives His departure sermon and grand finale prayer before He lets the Roman cohort take Him to their torture device and string Him up to it. A hefty chunk of His prayer was directed at Church unity. He prays that we will be one as He and the Father are one. Church, the Bible warns us that in these last days, many people’s love will grow cold. Much of His departure sermon speaks of end time’s suffering, of the world hating us, of obedience to the greatest commandment to love one another, and of the never-departing gift of the Holy Spirit. I have been so grieved over the lack of unity I am seeing in the Church. It is prophesied by the Savior Himself that the world is going to hate us. But we, Church, have been making divisive issues out of superficial things. We are following the ways of the world, and allowing cultural judgments to shade spiritual matters. Everyone is fighting battles right now, but whether or not people wear masks or not, gather and sing as a church congregation or not, or think BLM is righteous or corrupt, are earthly matters. What matters is love! To some of us, that means wearing a mask. To others that means not wearing one. To some of us, fighting for BLM means loving people of all skin tones. To others, it means supporting an organization that has been destroying our nation, creating racism and erasing history. To some, their conscience would lead them to think of creative ways to worship outside of a building, in obedience to Romans 13. To others, their conscience is compelled by Hebrews 10:25, which tells us not to forsake the gathering of the brethren, all the more as you see the day drawing near. But these are all earthly matters in which we can learn to proclaim His worth by loving each other in the best ways we know how. That is the heavenly matter: Love. And we are all doing our best, I would assume. It just looks different from one believer to the next. We are all navigating stormy waters and simply doing the best we can, prayerfully, intentionally, purposefully, and there’s really nothing we can do about that. But what we can do is stop judging our brothers and sisters when the Lord doesn’t lead them in the exact same way He is leading us. Excuse my moment of venting, but I have seen so much judgment rise to the surface during this pandemic that it literally makes me sick. I have seen so many people spewing things all over facebook about how you’re a hater if you don’t act like they want you to. And honestly, I’m pretty fed up. It makes me want to crawl in a hole, or move to an obscure island (maybe off the Kenai Peninsula!) where no one watches national news or social media, and I can simply be with just my Bible, my family, and maybe a few, nonjudgmental friends! I’m tired. I keep thinking of Rosa Parks, who sat on that bus and simply said “I’m tired” and I get the feeling she wasn’t just talking about her body, but her soul. I’m tired, folks. But I expect it from the world. What makes me queasy is when I hear and see it from the Church. People of God, if your perspective on this whole thing is causing you to be self-righteous, and critical of everyone who doesn’t respond like you, this is NOT what Jesus prayed for during His final hours. Please, Repent! Our greatest tool for evangelism to the world around us is the way we love each other (John 13:35), and I gotta tell you, the way this seems to be turning, evangelism is more crucial than ever before! A Kingdom divided cannot stand, and right now we seem to be letting the world’s issues divide us. We cannot rightly fight this unseen war when we are bickering in the camp! And I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but there is a major unseen war happening all around us right now! Pray! Persevere! Unify!Editor’s Note: Some of what I wrote was coming from a place of exasperation and frustration. I don’t feel like I should delete it, because I think many in the Body of Christ still need to hear it, and get their eyes off the temporal and onto the eternal… But I do, too! I want to focus on the vision, because when Jesus prays for stuff, He gets it! I don’t want to forget that, just as we, as individuals look pretty stained, in the eyes of God, we (who have hoped in Christ) are made perfect, so it is with His Church. We may look like a mess, but this vision is only a glimpse of what God’s perspective of us entails! And some day, all division over denominations and theology and missiology and face masks will be all awash in the light of His glory and perfection! My gaze is fixed on that day! Oh the delights!

Space Welch- July 23rd, 2020

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