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*I know this is a lot. Please read all the way to the end!

In Ancient Israel, the Lord set watchmen on the walls of the city. If any dangers were seen on the horizon, it was the watchman’s job to warn the city. If they failed to warn the city, the blood of all who died was reckoned as their guilt.

There are so many things I have seen during this entire pandemic that I would prefer to be ignorant of. The world says “ignorance is bliss”, and I understand the sentiments (oh, do I understand them), but I think ignorance can also cause irrevocable harm, and it is God’s mercy that has placed watchmen on the walls of this country.

I am stunned at the “conspiracy theories” that are being brought to light right now. I put that in quotation marks, because they are not conspiracy theories, but rather venomously evil plots that we would rather write off as theories, but can no longer do so because of the intense proof of such things, and even confessions of such out of the mouths of the plotters. I am speaking of things like 1) the skewed numbers of these coronavirus tests and the falsified death certificates intended to cripple us with fear and lead us to slaughter, 2) the cultural-shaming over masks meant to divide a nation and causing persecution upon the Church who knows that Christ (rather than government) needs to be the Judge of whether or not we should gather or cover our faces, 3) the acceptance of demolishing our entire country in defense of black people (although most of the black people I know are entirely against it, and the organization behind it has been shown to be marxist, racist, and paid off by George Soros with the intention of bringing down America!), 4) the erasure of history both with smashing monuments, and also with filling dumpsters with history books, as I have seen a picture of outside a middle school, 5) the push for a vaccine that has never been proven and comes with tremendous risk and on it’s coattails: the mark of the beast, 6) the increasingly cashless society (also intended to promote the mark), 7) The year’s long assault on the 2nd Amendment in order that common patriots are incapable of protecting their loved ones against tyrany, etc., etc., etc.

This is where the watchman is helpful, yet it is a painful job. I had to see the impending doom, before I knew to turn and yell from the top of my wall that an army is about to invade. Yet the blood on my head, if I fail to share, is a guilt I cannot bear.

I am stunned to see how many watchmen there are. How many are noticing these things. There are so many who would have called them “theories” before and are becoming increasingly aware of the propaganda our media is thrusting down our throats and the way social media is reciting it’s rhetoric. How the fear is the greater pandemic.

I am in awe of the Biblical prophecies transpiring before our eyes, but the agony of seeing is that these Biblical prophecies are not simply of Christ’s return (because that is the full measure of sweetness that comes in the End), but of intense suffering that is headed our way. If the Lord doesn’t intervene, we will soon be trampled with persecution and destruction.

Many are looking to a vaccine to save them, but any savior that isn’t Jesus is a slave-master. Jesus saves and He alone! This vaccine is intended to harm humanity, and force people to choose between taking the mark of the beast and denying Christ, or living a life of cultural shaming and intense suffering, one where we will be unable to buy or sell any longer (the mask mandate is a precursor to it, and funneling us into believing we must “comply” or lose our freedoms and that anyone who doesn’t comply is a hater). The cashless society may seem harmless, but if there is no exchange of cash, then these corrupt powers can control whether or not people can buy or sell goods, and force people who want the freedom to grocery shop into being microchipped to prove they have been vaccinated and are “safe” to be in public. Again, we have seen such skewed numbers of coronavirus cases that anyone that believes the numbers will believe that this is a necessary safety measure. Yet the watchmen are listening to the stories of false positives, of tests that were not even used and folks that were not even tested being “positive” cases, of folks dying of suicide and heart attacks and cancer, yet it says on their birth certificate “covid-19”. It seems like every single day, someone’s shouting out numbers of new cases, so that all our blood pressure can rise and we can once again learn this new art of global panic.

This is meant to cause us to fear one another and divide, because a Kingdom divided cannot stand, and fear is one of the most deceptive and cruel compasses for our soul.

But there is something else of a watchman’s job. It is to make the army ready for battle. This may be the most important job! I only tell you all of the horrors that are encroaching upon us to lead us to this point…

When I read through stories of Old Testament battles, there are a few ways that I see God’s people repeatedly winning battles: Repentance, Praise, Trust, Surrender and Prayer! We will only have victory over this pandemic if we turn our faces towards heaven and begin our pleading lament, our war cry for victory. There is one Victor! We, as a nation, have turned away from Him for far too long. We have called what is evil “good” and what is good “evil”. We have supplemented worship of the Holy One for worship of sports, celebrities, money, health, comfort, ease, entertainment and hype. We have sacrificed our children and our purity on the altar of pleasure, and our convictions on the altar of public opinion. We have been such a prodigal, as a nation, and one that God has been so kind and merciful to. If you don’t believe me, visit a third world country (Oh wait, you can’t, because our loss of freedom has begun, even though He has been tremendously patient with us to give us such freedoms, while we spat in His face). We have taught our children that some sort of happenstance created the cosmos, planet and humankind, rather than teaching them of the Majestic One who spoke the world into being and placed His Image within mankind. We have not only lied to them, but we have stolen from them, the dignity of knowing they were made in the Imago Dei.

If we are to survive this battle, we must come humbly, acknowledging our own idols, our faults, our folly, and we must plead for Heaven’s Help. God has repeatedly come to the aid of His people, against all odds. He defeated an army more plentiful than the sand on the seashore, with 300 unarmed believers. He had Israel march around a walled city for a week, until the walls splattered to the ground. He had Jehoshaphat win a battle with simple praise. Abraham and a couple of his buddies took down 3 kings and all their military forces. I could spend more pages than you want to read, reciting off these stories, or you could go read the Bible and see (specifically, Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles and Esther). Oh, and maybe Nehemiah and Daniel, as well.

If we are to survive, we cannot, absolutely CANNOT do this in our own strength, and it would do us well to come humbly to the Throne of Grace for deliverance!

Space Welch – July 28th, 2020

P.S. I want to make it perfectly clear that, although I stated some very fearful things, this post wasn’t written in fear, because though these threats are real and violent, what is more True than these threats is that God’s plans will not be thwarted, that He comes to the aid of the humble who seek His face, and that He is entirely sovereign over all of creation, as well as trustworthy, faithful, steadfast and kind. He will never forsake His children, and although we may find ourselves imprisoned in the near future, we will never find ourselves alone. Just as His suffering transformed into the greatest Mercy this world has ever known, ours’ shall be a radiant crown, as well. Though we may fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ (Colossians 1:24), our sufferings are not in vain, nor are they any more than temporal (2 Corinthians 4:17), nor do they even compare with the glories that heaven will hold for us (Romans 8:18)! Besides, if you read what the Scripture says of suffering and trial, in the lives of God’s people, it is actually a tremendous gift, not in a sadistic way, but in a way that brings us nearer to Him, which is the ultimate gift. We are refined and transformed in trial, and comforted greatly. He gave Paul and Silas hearts of joy that overflowed into praise in a prison cell. Paul wrote the better part of the New Testament from incarceration. John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” (which may be the second best seller of all time, secondary only to the Bible!), was written from the confines of a cell. Suffering is not hopeless. Everyone suffers, but when we suffer for righteousness sake, it is glorious and so purposeful!

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