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Lately, my brain has been feeling like a bouncy ball someone unleashed on the inner walls of my skull.  It’s not pleasant.  In fact, today I was feeling snappy and unkind in my heart because of the anxious feeling in my brain.  I think I might be trying to spin too many plates.

As I was driving home, considering all the phone calls I needed to make, and all the stuff I had to accomplish in the next couple of hours, when I suddenly caught sight of the trees.  Sure, they were there all along, but it was as though I suddenly noticed that the road I live on is actually very beautiful.  Come to think of it, I had a similar moment yesterday, when I felt like my thoughts were yanking me in every direction possible, and then I noticed the forest lining the walls of the road.  Hmmm.

It was an epiphany both times it happened.  A realization that I need to press into THIS moment.  Not all the things on my list.  Those can wait.  They have to wait (I was driving).  I need to be present with the moment I am in and the God who swells it with majesty!  If I am too preoccupied with the myopic demands of the day, I will lose sight of the Glory that consumes this moment in history, and I will spend my life chasing my own tail.  But if I flip that on it’s head, and focus on the beauty to behold right here, I can leap walls.  I’ve noticed when God is the focus of my thoughts and affections, I always have the time I need to accomplish what actually needs to be accomplished… and the wisdom to know what those things are and weasel out of the rest!

Space 8/24/21

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