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I sat across the table from a friend who was both rejoicing and grieving, as only a Christian can do.  She had brought me a gift, a Christmas present, to commemorate our meal and our friendship.  I reached into the bag, pulling out a beautiful mug.  On it, surrounded by vibrant flowers, were the words “She took a deep breath and let it go”.

My friend began to explain the gift.  She told me that she had bought two of these mugs.  One for her, and one for me.  The words “Let it go” reminded her of the verse that has nuzzled it’s way deep into her soul, reading “Be still and know that God is God”.  Once upon a time, she had studied out the Greek and found the words “Be still” to mean “Let go”.  I sighed as my friend was once again learning the art of stillness and letting go, in resting in the Everlasting arms of Jesus.

She then proceeded to tell me that the colorfulness of the mug reminded her of me.  I’m her “colorful friend”, as she aptly put it.  Sitting across from her, in my multi-colored sweater, I proceeded to tell her that even my wedding dress had been a rainbow of color.  I love color.  It reminds me of children, and the way they wonder at the world around them.  I aspire to be like a child in this way.

“I have finally decided upon my favorite color,” I told her.  “It’s orange!  Because you’re always surprised by orange!”  I am a woman astounded by wonder.  I find it in the cracks and crevices of life.

Later in our conversation, another friend joined us.  Someone I had never met before, but knew this sweet, yet grieving friend, and meandered to our table to hug her.  She told us of her granddaughters pilgrimage to Spain.  I looked at my friend, and said how I would love to visit Spain with her, as she is a sojourner who looks for glory in the cracks and crevices.  She finished my thought by sharing our mutual affection for old churches and graveyards.  She knew why she would be my chosen companion for such a trip (other than my husband who shares in this affection, as well).  We both see beauty in the mundane and the magnificent.  In color and cathedrals.  And we both stare in wide-eyed wonder, like children, as we observe how God made such a colorful world.  And even invented colors like orange!

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