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A friend invited a few of us along to sojourn through Romans 8 during the month of January, encouraging us to write about it for the purpose of memorizing it, growing through it, and encouraging others to memorize and grow from it.  I am extending my hand to you, inviting you along on the journey.  For the next few weeks, I (along with others) will be writing blogs about chunks of this passage, and encouraging all of us (myself included) to memorize it, as we mosey through.  You can find the launch point at, as well as the synchronized musings of another friend who is joining at

I saw a quote (but now I can’t find it, to quote it exactly) that said something like “If the Bible is a ring, Romans is the diamond, and chapter 8 is the pinnacle of the diamond”.  I have countless favorite verses in the Bible, but only one favorite chapter, and it’s Romans 8.  There are a few close seconds, but this chapter is probably the most healing and hope-giving you can find.

I would encourage you, as we enter this new year with trepidation (as we likely all are, after the last 2 years we’ve been handed), that you saturate your mind with this passage.  Memorize it.  It will be well-worth your effort.  There is nothing better to fill your mind with than the word of God, and perhaps no better chapter in all the canon of Scripture.  Welcome, friend!

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