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It is almost unbearable to rehash the story of Christ’s death.  Even after decades of reading this story, I instinctually groan when the chief priests and the Pharisees called Him “that deceiver” (Matthew 27:63).  Because it’s such a blasphemous lie!  It is nearly unbearable to me to think of the torture He endured.  His body so maimed He was barely recognizable.  Barely breathing.  Even before they drove the spikes through His hands and feet.  The way He stayed His tongue from defending Himself.

One thing that is unfathomable to me is how He used His dying breath to beg the Father to forgive them.  I could never.

This story is the God’s honest truth, and it is the most triumphant story of all time.  Through this story, every wretched person (and we all are) who hopes in that gruesome cross has complete liberty from their shame.  Every blood-bought believer can rise from the curse of their own sinfulness, and their self-inflicted guilt, like Jesus did from His tomb.

Tomorrow, we who celebrate this as the supreme act of mercy, will wake to a great celebration.  We will remember that the God who died is also the God who lives.  We will remember that His resurrection speaks of His power over sin and death.  We will praise Him for His unfathomable kindness towards us.  And we will rest in His agape love that chose the path of suffering so that we could be truly and everlastingly free!

Lord, thank You!  Insufficient as my words may be.  Thank You!  You are holy and victorious!  Thank You for awaking me to Your compassionate affection, displayed most clearly through Your brutal cross.  And thank You for the testimony of an empty tomb!

Space 4/17/22


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