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I have known too many people,
afraid to trust the goodness of God
because of suffering.
They have never tasted the goodness of God
IN their suffering!
I have known too many,
who doubt and deny
the supremacy of Scripture.
They have never creased the Spine
and felt the breath of God
alive in their souls,
igniting their minds with freedom and delight,
and their hearts to holy Fire!
I have known too many
who think so lowly of Jesus
as to compare Him to any other man.
They have not seen,
through the eyes of Peter, James and John,
where His garments became
the color of light,
and His face shone like the sun!
My heart aches for those
who will read these words,
nod their head in agreement with truth,
yet never taste and see that the Lord is good.
Tasting and Seeing are experiential.
God is not only theologically good.
He is viscerally good.
He is not only high and lofty (though He certainly is!),
He is a God who stoops low and indwells.
He is both near to the brokenhearted
and the One who mends broken hearts.
For those whose hope is in the temporal-
my heart aches.
For those who do not wear the Presence of God
like a shawl around the soul-
my heart aches.
For those deceived into thinking there is anyone
as worthy, glorious or kind as Christ is-
my heart aches.
While those poor souls are scavenging scraps
from the pavement of this world,
piecing them together into their tasteless doctrines
and counterfeit remedies,
Those of us with burning hearts
will be dancing, enraptured with the Son of God,
who daily releases us
from the cumbersome weight of this temporary dwelling
and sets our feet in heavenly splendor!
Space Welch
Feb. 12th, 2020

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